AJ Catagnus and L&S Demo Recycling

Whether you need a building demolished or want to rent a dumpster for cleanup, AJ Catagnus and our affiliate L&S Demo Recycling are proud to offer competitively priced services and resources. Together we provide safe and reliable dismantlement, demolition, recycling and disposal services.

Scrap metal can create a dangerous jobsite if not properly removed and stored, and we at AJ Catagnus are determined to help keep your site clean and safe. That’s why we offer scrap dismantlement services, along with construction and demolition dumpsters. Plus, we’ll pay for your scrap metal.

Our Demolition Dumpsters West Philly and West Chester, plus Construction Dumpsters Bensalem and Collegeville centers offer quick and convenient delivery of various sized dumpsters to fit your project needs. Call us today at 610-277-2727 for all of our dismantlement and demolition services.